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APTO concerns


APTO concerns

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GOOD BEHAVIOUR, QUALITY SERVICE and penalties for those who fail to deliver.
?The Association of Public Transport Operators (APTO) says these rules should govern all operators of public service vehicles (minibuses and route taxis).
But, said APTO interim committee member Ian Walcott, they cannot achieve this because all PSV owners are not members of the association, and there are no penalties that can be imposed on owners whose workers misbehaved.
“Our concern is the behaviour of the personnel on the vans,” he said.
“If it is indicated on the bus that the owner is a member of APTO there is some recourse. We could get in contact with the owner with the expectation that that owner would deal with it.
“We cannot, as it is, control any owner unless [he or she] is willing to be regulated, [and] there are some owners who would not be willing to join our association.”
Walcott said that given APTO’s concerns about this, they had been asking the Ministry of Transport to give them some authority to regulate their membership, but this had not been forthcoming.