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Taking stock! These were the words echoed from the pulpit as I sat in an Ash Wednesday service listening to the Reverend Parris expound.
?His words activated my thinking, causing me to wonder how many of us have ever stopped to take stock of our lives. How many of us have taken the time to assess our personal desires, finances, relationships or even our short-, medium- and long-term goals?
When one thinks of stocktaking, the imagination roams to stores or companies checking inventories and recording the reality while comparing it to what should be the actuality.
Like companies, we as a people need to have an inventory of our life – past, present and future. While it is true that we cannot change the events of the past, nor predict the events of the future, we can look over the past and plan for the future. Stock-taking allows for this.
It can become a time when one internalises and spends some time visualising how one wants one’s life to be going forward.
Too often many persons spend time trying to take stock of the lives of others and lose out on the opportunity to do some self-reflection. The time is now to go on a “stocktaking journey” that will allow you to obtain what you have not yet attained.
Take stock of your personal desires that have the propensity to overpower the mind and common sense. Being the unique beings that we are, we have the ability to change growth to be better persons. However, change for many can be a daunting process, for some people do not like change.
They become comfortable and sometimes become stuck in a rut. It is only when one is able to “step out” of that comfort zone and take stock, that one can work positively towards maximising one’s strengths and becoming all that one is capable of.
Take stock of the relationships you have developed. The friendships you keep. Fundamentally we are social beings who have the inherent nature to build synergies with others. However, by taking stock you will be able to rid yourselves of the parasitic relationships – those persons who have become leeches. All we need is to successfully nurture a handful of truly close friends who are dependable.
We are unique individuals who have the ability to develop ourselves and create the life we want.
Take stock of your finances. “Do not bite off more than you could chew.” Budget and save regardless to how little for a “rainy day”.
Children are not exempted from the stocktaking journey. They too can be asked to take stock of their beliefs, attitudes, habits, talents, flaws and challenges, and evaluate themselves. This will allow them to become more self-aware.
Remember by taking stock it helps us determine what is helping or hindering us from accomplishing our goals. Being able to reflect, and work out what needs to change in our lives and putting those changes in place, is both empowering and life-changing.
?• Rhonda Blackman is an educator, a reviewer with the British Research Journal and a member of the American Education Research Association. Email: [email protected]