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What’s Trending: Dreadlocked priest

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What’s Trending: Dreadlocked priest

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The Nation’s Online Editor Sherrylyn Toppin looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.
ANGLICAN-PRIEST-IN-TRAINING Aaron Charles was the topic of  much discussion today.
Or rather the fact that he made front page news as the “dreadlocked priest”. According to the writer, it wasn’t his first time at St Luke’s Anglican Church, but “still drew some attention with his neatly styled locks” yesterday.
Locks are more common among the congregation and in the choir, but a rarity among the clergy as they have traditionally been associated with the Rastafarian religion.
Trinidadian Charles conducted the 8:30 a.m. service and later did communion with Reverend Dr John Rogers. During his sermon, the young man reminded the congregation that while there will be moments of loneliness and darkness, God will never leave us.
These are some of the opinions expressed by readers.
Janine Greaves: So what if he has locks? They look neat and clean from what I can see. Rend[er] your heart not your garments.
Bentley Williams: The problem here isn’t the NATION, the problem is in you the reader and your small minded attitudes and why you chose to interpret the story in a negative light. I see this as the newspaper showing that the Anglican Church has embraced people of diverse backgrounds; a sign that people out there should feel free to come in and worship among Anglicans.
Ian Walcott-Skinner: Why is a dreadlocked priest news? Are we a black majority country in 2014? Jeez! Really? A colonised mind is a sad thing, indeed.
Rommel Parris: Well done! I have locks and preached in the Methodist Church here in Barbados many times, James Street Circuit, it’s not about what the world thinks but what God has told you to go tell the world.
Ramon Lawrence: Only in Barbados; pay attention to the wrong things all the time.
Andrew Power: Finally we are evolving. I imagine that great time period when the older generation is no more and their narrow-minded tunnel vision ways have died with them.
Marcella Edward: My brother, we are all Codringtonians together and nothing is wrong with the locks on your head. The fact of the matter is that you took a stand for Christ to be his disciple.
Gina Liv: What on earth does this man’s hair have to do with his faith and believe in God. Really what year are people living in? Hard to believe this should even be a topic of discussion.
Melissa Browne: I don’t get why this made the newspaper, let alone the first page.
Shad Man: Never judge a book by its cover everyone is not the same.