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Dear Christine: Tired of my wife’s frequent flings

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Dear Christine: Tired of my wife’s frequent flings

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Dear Christine, what can I do about a wife who runs off with other men to have casual flings every time she is depressed, angry or frustrated?
I think she was faithful only the first three months of our marriage. I am not even too sure of that and I am not sure why she married me in the first place.
She says she loves me and wants us to be a real family.
We have a beautiful young daughter, but we do not have a real marriage. It is as though being faithful to a husband never occurred to her.
She seems to think there is something wrong with me as a man because I cannot understand all this.
When I get really upset, she promises that if I’ll just give her some time, she’ll be through with all this and ready to settle down.
That’s a long wait. She is 24 years old and I am 34.
– C.P.
Dear C.P.,
I think your wife is trying to run from herself. Unless she gets the help she needs, she is not going to change any time soon.
She is like an addict who is using a quick fix instead of trying to come to grips with her feelings and her problems.
She seems to be hooked on sex and this is obviously going to continue to create serious problems for you, your daughter and your marriage.
You are living in an unhealthy environment which is not conducive to bringing up children.
If you truly love her, and I believe you do, try to convince her to get professional help from a marriage counsellor, psychiatrist or a pastor.
If she refuses, then you may have to consider leaving her.