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DE MARKET VENDOR: How about we funding our own WI/England T20?

mialisafenty, [email protected]

DE MARKET VENDOR: How about we funding our own WI/England T20?

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I like de victorious West Indies team, mixing it up. Congrats! Wunnah mek we proud at Kensington and iffing I hear a fella cussing Sammy again, I gine to he defence. Sammy is de man.
The Brits is good sports – them tek de lashes like men and then they wash down de sorrows at every bar in Fontabelle. I hear officials say dem praying fuh one of de Tests next year when England come back. I got a better idea: We does pay airlines to come here, so why we can’t put up some funding fuh de English to play three T20 matches? Get some of de big guns in town to support de idea and put some money behind it. After all, if dem could sponsor fixing highways by adopting a kilometre each, dem could fix de economy by sponsoring a WI/England T20 series, nuh?
I see differently able people mekking a stand, protesting ’bout supposedly able people (yuh never sure wha part of dem might be disabled) parking in disabled parking. It does mek my blood boil when able-bodied people do it. We need penalties, $500 fine fuh parking in a disabled parking spot without a permit. Issue permits only to truly differently able which must be displayed pun de car and get police to enforce it like de seat belt laws.
A policeman who get photographed in a disabled spot “did not see” de big disabled sign in Carters. Can I tell police next time I get stop fuh speeding dat I did’nt see de speed limit sign? If dat excuse don’t work fuh we, it can’t wuk fuh police either!
And since de differently able bring matters to de fore, I noticing how bad we does really treat dese folks. Next time you driving along de South Coast check de sidewalks. It should mek yuh shame; people in wheelchairs got to travel pun de actual highway. Imagine we got wide sidewalks down in parts of St Andrew where not a house exists but pun de South and West Coast long stretches of road and no sidewalks with no access for differently able?
Next, dis Malaysian plane dat disappear wid all dese passengers. People real concern. So far none of de explanations mekking sense except de one I hear dat aliens thief de plane and passengers and carry dem back where dem come from!
De Desmond Haynes snub had no right going so far. Iffing somebody did just man up and say sorry to de great man publicly, then it woulda never ever get dat far. Who cares if de Cabinet does decide pun what names going pun a stand? We all know dat, but we also know dat Desmond is a national icon and we got to treat we icons better than dat.
Some years ago I was going pun a trip and look over from Bee Wee counter to American and could not believe my eyes. There was a former Prime Minister almost in de road at de back of a long economy line waiting and not a fella said, skipper, come to de front. We got to do better, people; show some maturity!
Finally, I want to congratulate those responsible fuh de new park next to de Central Bank, but I have to ask, did we really need another park when Queen’s Park is literally next door and in disrepair? Should we have spent part of the money on upgrading de historic Queen’s Park? Surely what de Central Bank needed was more parking space and not more park! 
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?