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DEAR CHRISTINE: Ladies, wait on God for the right man

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Ladies, wait on God for the right man

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Dear Christine,
I decided to write to you after reading an article which appeared in the March 16 Sunday Sun on Page 12A, under the headline Women, Take Stand Against Violence.
The reason why I am using this column is because it concerns women and many women write to you about their personal issues.
As I started to read this article I believed it did not give a true revelation of what God expects of us as women.
The article read: “Just because you pray to God for a man and gets one does not mean he is Mr Right . . . .
“You think that just because you pray and someone comes into your life that is the right person – that is not true.”
I want to say that God has told us as His children that if we draw near to Him He will draw near to us.
God has asked us to wait on Him. He has asked us not to be anxious about anything.
As children of God we are to lead people into righteousness . . . .
There is not one part of the Bible that says a woman must go through many partners in order to find the right one.
Our bodies are the temples of God and we must try as hard as we can (it is not impossible) to keep our bodies clean and pure until the right person comes along.
– Prophetess Marguerite Breedy-Haynes
Dear Prophetess Marguerite Breedy-Haynes,
Thanks for taking the time out to share.