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Sinckler goes after Mottley

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Sinckler goes after Mottley

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MINISTER OF FINANCE Chris Sinckler last night launched a full frontal assault on Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley’s “unmatched thirst for power” and urged her instead to be a “stateswoman” and provide leadership to pull Barbados out of its difficulties.
During a two-hour wrap-up of the second reading stage of debate on the Appropriation Bill 2014, Sinckler also accused Mottley of allowing her political soul to be host for “two political germs”.
His reaction, liberally sprinkled with strong criticism, was apparently sparked by “outlandish” comments from Mottley on Monday about a foreign company set to invest US$250 million in a waste to energy plant.
But he insisted Government had done its due diligence and was involved in about nine months of negotiations.
“I really do feel for the Leader of the Opposition; I know, because the Leader of the Opposition will stop at nothing. The Leader of the Opposition is driven by power. It is an unbridled and unmatched thirst for power to become Prime Minister of Barbados, to fulfil whose legacy I do not know. But it is not good enough in this Parliament and in this country that anything that we do as a Government or anything that anybody else tries to do to help Barbados can pass the test for this Honourable Member.”
An impassioned Sinckler referred to Mottley’s refusal to attend the 375th anniversary of Parliament reception to protest its $100 000 budget but charged that she had spent $500 000 to stage a series of People’s Assemblies.
“But you [Mottley] didn’t worry all that time when you spent all that money – the crocodile tears – about who did getting send home,” he charged. “You know how many people $500 000 could help? Nuff!”
He said Mottley staged a set of cavalcades starting with a big fete in Queen’s Park collecting signatures to get rid of him as minister of finance and they were to be audited, but the reported 10 000 signatures “that had 500 people in the Park” have not been made available to the public.
Sinckler also charged that she had harassed Prime Minister Freundel Stuart every week to fire him: “‘If you don’t fire him in seven days . . . in seven days . . .’. The Prime Minister had to call me and ask me if I [was] packed up. I ain’t unpack since the [February 2013] election, my boxes always packed.”
He said it was ridiculous for Mottley to be giving the Prime Minister edicts and ultimatums.
He added that Mottley pretended she was a great manager but “when you plot the coordinates of her destruction as a minister, all over the Government, not one project that the Honourable Member has been associated with has gone right.
“Don’t come in here and cast aspersions on people in here and give the impression that we got some crooks over here and we doing underhand things,” he said. “Don’t come here and try to cast aspersions on people giving the impression that we got some bogus company and we gone rushing off making some deal with some underhand people.
“You have decided, because you have allowed your political soul to be used as a host for two germs, two political germs who are looking for somewhere to hide and multiply their wickedness,” he charged.
He said the two germs, whom he did not identify, had tried to attach themselves to him as well and he was supposed to be a vessel for them, but he rejected them and “therefore I am to be prosecuted and thrown under the bus in Barbados”.
“That’s what that no-confidence motion was about, you know!” he said. “I am saying to the Leader of the Opposition: save your soul, release yourself. If you want me to take you to get a bush bath . . . let the president of the Bush Bar carry you down there and down Pile Bay and we will give you a little seawater bath and take out the demons.
“Do not destroy your country just for office.” (AB)