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$10 payout

Sanka Price

$10 payout

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$10.16 IS?ALL?a former bus driver will go home with after 25 years with the Transport Board.
    Yvonne Jordan received the news on Wednesday after the board outlined in detail their calculations in a letter and sent it to the Barbados Workers’ Union, which had queried the matter on her behalf.
    The calculations show the compensation from the board payable to Jordan. They outlined payment for the sick leave days she was due for the remainder of 2012 and the whole of 2013 while she was on sick leave, plus vacation pay, minus group life insurance deductions.
    That is, from earnings of $5 592 between October 2012 and January 2013, Jordan had vacation pay left of $430.16. But from this, $420 for group life insurance was subtracted leaving the sum of $10.16.
    “Why I went to the Barbados Workers’ Union it was to find out what was going on because I had called for a printout, and as a result this is what the [Transport Board] sent,” she said, explaining she was initially told the board had only $400 for her.