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Better response to burst mains coming

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Better response to burst mains coming

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THE RESPONSE Time to the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) for repairs is expected to be improved soon.
Communications specialist at the BWA, Joy-Ann Haigh, said the BWA is looking to improve the telephone system at the call centre so that the information can come through at a faster rate.
In defending the BWA against complaints about the tardy response to fix burst mains, Haigh said the BWA depended on the public to relay the information and the BWA responded accordingly.
She said a strategy had been earmarked and was only waiting for implementation.
But while burst mains appear to be a big issue, Haigh said services (the main that runs into homes) account for their main issue.
She said homeowners contributed to the problem by accidentally knocking over the main while reversing or driving out.
Haigh also said the increased number of vehicles on the roads contributed significantly to the problem with broken mains across the country.
Meanwhile, activities for World Water Week took on a different and more exciting face this week.
Previously held in Queen’s Park for school children, the showcase moved to Independence Square, where it was open to the general public. (YB)