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LOOKA LEW: He got to respect me

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LOOKA LEW: He got to respect me

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Not in my house! Not in at me!
Before I go any further, let me extend sympathy to the family and friends of Onicka Gulliver, whose missing body was found late last week.
Something in an interview with Onicka’s mother caught my attention. It was while reflecting on the relationship Onicka had with this boyfriend who was recently charged for her death, that the mother said, “I told she every since to move away from he because I don’t like he style; he ain’t got no manners. He would march in here wid out telling me good afternoon and I sitting down here.” It is when I read that part ’bout he coming in the house and not speaking that I said, not in my house!
I know this does happen daily ’bout here, where sons got women and daughters got men who does come to the house and don’t unpick them teeth to the parents. But it ain’t gine happen in at me, because the first time you walk in my place like it is yours and refuse to speak, I would make you aware that you ain’t speak.
I would look straight at you, and slowly, stressing on every syllable say, “gooood eeeveeeninggggg”. Then if you insist that you ain’t speaking, well speak to the road, step back outside please.
You see, in at me I got commandments. Under the one which says, “Thou shall not walk across my carpet in shoes” is the one saying to respect me in my house.
So I would let my child know that she or he got a unmannerly person, and if them parents ain’t teach them no manners, or if them got problems with me, well she or he would have to meet them in the road.
Now I aint no idiot. I might look like one, but I ain’t none, and if you doubt me you could ask me. I know sometimes parents does rub their children boyfriends or girlfriends the wrong way. Sometimes a mother might not like her son’s girlfriend simply because she ain’t a Bajan – she ain’t want no Guyanese nor Jamaican nor nothing so for her son. So she refuses to speak when the girl comes to the house, and the girl upon realising this, stops wasting her breath and speaking too.
Or sometimes the daughter might got a man that the mother can’t stomach. From the time she sees or smell him, she got her mouth push up high in the sky like a kite at Easter, ’cause when he comes to the house, he musty and stink with weed or rum. And he knows the mother don’t like him ’cause the daughter done tell him so, so mother and boyfriend don’t speak to each other.
To all the girls out there, if your man does come in your mother’s house and don’t speak to her, in a way you are also disrespecting your mum by encouraging it. You need to let him know, that regardless of how your mum might feel about him or how he feels about her, he needs to respect her when he is on her premises. ’Cause I saying, the same way he will disrespect your mother, he will end up disrespecting you too.
My granny used to say that respect is due even unto a dog, so you ain’t got to like me or donate blood for me if I in hospital, but when you on my premises, show me some respect, or step back in the road. See ya.
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