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Traffic warden rewarded for service

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Traffic warden rewarded for service

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ROAD USERS HAVE BEEN encouraged to cooperate with the traffic wardens, especially those found at pedestrian crossings.
    Speaker of the House of Assembly Michael Carrington said yesterday that with an increase in population and vehicles there came competition for the same space and both, then, had to respect each other.  
    Carrington made the comments as he joined members of the Barbados Association of Bailiffs and Buvardo Debt Collecting Agency Limited in presenting tokens of appreciation to traffic warden Cynthia Taylor.
    Taylor, who has been a warden at the junction of Gills Road, Kings Street and White Park Main Road for 23 years, was honoured for her commitment to her job.
    Carrington also said the powers of the traffic wardens may need top be increased because some motorists disregarded them.  
    Taylor said ZR vans were the biggest challenge, but otherwise it was a rewarding job, which she loved very dearly. (LK)