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Boyce, Richards win debates

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Boyce, Richards win debates

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THE FREDERICK SMITH Secondary School is laying a foundation for Barbados’ future debaters.
For the first time in the school’s ten-year speech competition, first-form students were invited to present topics, although they were not judged.
“We have the first-form speak-off this year as the first-formers felt too intimidated to participate; so we decided to let them get their feet wet which would [create] a feeder system for next year,” said English teacher Leslie Lett.
They spoke on the topic The Policy Of Free Bus Fares For Schoolchildren In Uniform Must Be Kept.
The main competition was divided into two categories: junior (second and third forms) and senior (from fourth form to upper fifth).
Lett said five students competed in the first-form speak-off while there were six competitors in both the junior and senior categories.
The topic for the juniors was The Ban On Students Bringing Electronic Devices To School Should Be Lifted To Allow Them To Use Their Electronic Tablets In The Classroom, while the seniors argued if Barbados Should Follow The Lead Of Those States In The United States Which Have Removed
The Criminal Prohibition Of Medical Marijuana.
Shacora Boyce won the senior category, followed by 2011 winner Khadisha Baker and 2012 winner Jane Small.
In the junior category, third-form student Cherece Richards came out on top, Jenna Yearwood second and Alisha Cumberbatch, Most Impactful Speaker, third.