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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Veteran gets financial boost

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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Veteran gets financial boost

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Veteran gets financial boost
IF A CERTAIN retired politico passed you walking faster than his usual shuffle, and may not have even spoken to you, don’t take it personal – he was on a mission.
The retiree, who has been living off his savings and National Insurance old age pension, was informed that he had money mounting up in the Treasury. And to ensure he got what was his, albeit belatedly, he moved with post-haste to collect it.   
Now this old-timer, who was known for his sweet voice and loved by many, has more than 800 000 reasons to smile.
In fact he is smiling so wide that those who have seen him since his windfall have remarked that he looks different; he now even has a spring in his step.
From what Cou Cou was told, the veteran got the boost last week when, per chance, he met up a senior big wig and in casual conversation with that individual was asked when he was going to collect his pension.
Surprised at the question, the old-timer said he was not even aware that he was qualified to receive one. But when he found out for sure the cash was there, he made a dash for it.
And that’s why he was in a hurry.
Shameless plugging
A TURNCOAT is seeking redemption from his new found friends to ensure he can enjoy the sweet life that comes with being in power.
According to reports, this man’s predicament came about as a result of the volume of complaints made against him for his manner.
It seems that he does not behave like British gentlemen are supposed to, and does not act like those doing the job he’s in.
From what Cou Cou was told, this man has been calling all of his local connections begging and beseeching all those who would listen to put in a plug for him to be excluded from any changes presently taking place among those of his rank.
One person aware of the situation said it may take more than that to save him as the last time he was seen in public he was certainly not looking diplomatic as he was sharing out drinks from the boot of an official car.
Mia’s ‘political germs’
WHO ARE THE political germs infecting Opposition Leader Mia Mottley? How contagious are they? And what could be their motive?
These are some of the questions being asked across the country after Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler took the Barbados Labour Party boss to task for casting “aspersions on people” since allowing her “political soul to be used as a host for two germs, political germs, who are looking for somewhere to hide and multiply their wickedness”.
What people find intriguing is that Sinckler said the same two “germs” had tried to attach themselves to him, but he rejected them.
They are wondering too about Sinckler’s assertion that because of his refusal to be these germs’ vessel “I am to be prosecuted and thrown under the bus in Barbados”.
Political observers are saying that Sinckler’s charges are too serious for them to just be brushed under the carpet, given that he has ascribed certain negative traits to these two germs.
And they have concluded that if Sinckler can say these things about these individuals, then he must have evidence of the damage they could wrought.
Therefore, they want Sinckler to reveal who are these two political germs, and if they were associated with the Democratic Labour Party, what they would have done that he could have such intimate knowledge of their modus operandi?