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PUDDING & SOUSE: Model mocked for mistakes

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PUDDING & SOUSE: Model mocked for mistakes

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Model mocked for mistakes
A young model has blocked her Instagram page after some of her followers went in on her for her gross misuse of the Queen’s English.
Apparently she recently posted a pretty photo of herself after an assignment with the words: “A hold day photo shoot paids off.”
In no time several meme’s mocking her bad grammar were floating around cyberspace and the old debate about beauty and brains raised its ugly head.
But instead of retreating quietly from this highly embarrassing situation, the young woman returned to Instagram not only to correct herself but also to lash out at her critics this time writing: “A whole day photo-shoot pays off and ppl have nunthing to do, the phone makes mistakes . . . ”
Talk about making a bad situation worse. People were saying she really should have looked up how to spell “nothing” before writing that response.
Now we all know why she gave such a nonsensical response to a relatively simple question last year while she was a beauty contestant in a famous competition.
‘Glorified maid’
Residents living in a certain district are laughing at one of their neighbours who keeps running up and down the hill several times a day to visit her “short” boyfriend who recently built a new home.
They want her to know that “slamming all of that tar” will not stop the man from doing his own thing.
Everyone is saying that she is neglecting her home and her children because she is too busy cleaning and fixing the man’s house.
They say she has turned into his “glorified maid” and with all the work she is doing she is in for a major disappointment because the man has been saying that she will not be moving into his new home.
Familial promotion
STAFF at a Government entity which deals with food wants to know who gave the CEO permission to put her daughter’s husband on the payroll.
Apparently this man, who can’t speak English properly, came here on holiday last year and is now back working as a consultant.
Staff also want to know why a key employee, who was doing such a fantastic job, was relocated to another area by the CEO, where she is practically doing nothing.
They want the minister to intervene urgently at this office because they are concerned that certain people are not putting their best foot forward.
Ex-staffer’s e-bashing
We have heard about staff taking to social media to put their bosses on blast, so it was quite shocking when the owner of a store went on Facebook to bad talk a former employee.
The woman, who owns a popular store, apparently lambasted her former employee, saying she had a video of her putting her hand in the cookie jar.
She also threatened to broadcast the video.
People who were following this outburst on Facebook, which was laced with profanity, were saying the owner should have had more class and integrity and not broadcast her business for everyone to see.