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Fete City at the Gym

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Fete City at the Gym

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GYMNASIUM LIMITED is looking to address one of the main issues that has been affecting its profitability.
Speaking at the Gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex yesterday during the launch of Fete City, one of the newest initiatives for Crop Over, Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley said rental cost had been “challenging” for people and that the cost of electricity had been the chief culprit.
He said people currently paid in the vicinity of $600 per hour for electricity but that “will soon be a challenge of the past”.
The minister said major refurbishments would soon start at the gymnasium with the assistance of the Chinese government, and that solar energy would be introduced.
“This will result in a significant reduction in the cost of hosting events, redounding to the benefit of all. Other structural improvements are planned, and are scheduled to commence in the last quarter of 2014. One such improvement will be the replacement of the floor, something that has been long overdue,” Lashley stated.
Fete City will be cited at the Gymnasium and will be open from May 1 to August 31 to promoters and anyone wishing to hold Crop Over events.
It is an initiative of Gymnasium Limited, which is celebrating its 21st anniversary, and the National Cultural Foundation.
“The goal is to ensure that Fete City positions the Gym as a central, easily accessible venue for activities which are held throughout the Crop Over season,” Lashley said.
The unpopular no-eat, no-drink policy would be removed for the four-month period Fete City would be stationed there, he added.
“This will, I am sure, provide greater opportunity for the creation of the party atmosphere that we are trying to achieve in this Fete City initiative. I would expect however that the relaxation of this policy is met with responsible behaviour and continued care of patrons who attend events here.”
He said the policy would be assessed at the end and a further decision made.
In promoting Fete City to the invited guests and potential users, acting general manager at the Gym, Barbara Bostic, said people would have the opportunity to use the facility at discounted rates during the period.
Bostic said they were hoping to make Fete City an annual venture.