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Poster competition for French Day

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Poster competition for French Day

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AN?ABILITY?to speak a foreign language can open up employment opportunities for graduating students.
This encouragement is coming from Nicholas Vaughan, head of the Department of French and Spanish at Combermere School, as students celebrated International French Day last Thursday with a poster competition.  
The school also received French books as well as educational material from the Alliance Français that teamed up with the school to host a week of activities.
Vaughan said every year ten new words were added to the French dictionary and the students were asked to create posters depicting the new words.
Vaughan told the French language students they should become fluent and not expect genuine French speakers to slow down to accommodate them.
He also said the number of students taking French had “petered out” over the years.
Vaughan said Spanish was more popular as an option so the school was trying to push French among the students. (LK)