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Reiki, holistic healing catching on

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Reiki, holistic healing catching on

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Appreciation for Reiki and other holistic healing is growing in Barbados.
That is the view of Barbados Reiki Association president Sharon Hurley-Hall, who said people were very interested in holistic healing and there were hundreds of people who were being trained in alternative treatments.
Hurley-Hall was speaking at the association’s recent Holistic Health Fair, held at Harrison College under the theme Creating Balance Through Inner And Outer Harmony.
The association has launched a holistic health directory with a list of therapists, products and services.
Hurley-Hall said the directory was aimed at unifying the holistic community and providing an information service for Barbadians who were looking to take control of aspects of their health, and to complement their existing therapies with holistic options.
“We never in the Reiki Association say throw out what you are doing.
“Reiki and other holistic modalities can help you feel calmer. Reiki is an energy therapy that promotes healing and relaxation by putting your brain waves into the alpha meditative station; the state in which the body heals,” she said.
“Sometimes some people think the therapies are ‘airy fairy’ but in fact [they] are proven to work in that way,” she added.  (LK)