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Foreday fears

Leigh-Ann Worrell

Foreday fears

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SOME BANDLEADERS fear that the negative fallout from the change in date for Foreday Morning will smear the mud mas.
One of the main architects of Foreday Morning, Fran Wickham, told the WEEKEND NATION the event should be left alone. She proposed that it could be held on July 31 this year, since the following day was a bank holiday, or shifts could be made to the date or venue of the Pic-O’-De-Crop Finals.
“The finals moved into our space, and the finals used to be at the stadium before it moved to Kensington, but Foreday Morning always used to be around the [Spring Garden] area,” she said.
“Now they are back at the Oval, it will be compounding matters.”
Wickham also expressed concern for churchgoers, who will also be on the road just as the event is winding down.
“It is just a mess,” she added.
Veteran bandleader Mackie Holder called the move “folly,” and hoped that “common sense will prevail”.
Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley said recently the move was not carved in stone and could be reviewed.
Celebrating his 20th year in Crop Over, Holder also asserted the move would place additional strain on bandleaders who were also producing a Kadooment band.
“Sunday is usually set-up day for Grand Kadooment and even though there is a lot of leeway in terms of times to pick up costumes, most people come on Sunday at the last minute,” he noted, while also suggesting a change to Thursday night.
While Colorz Entertainment’s Bryan Worrell stated the biggest issue he had with the proposed changes was the time. He suggested the J’ouvert starts at midnight to 8 a.m., instead of 10 p.m.
 “It means that the jump would end at 3:30, and that would cause a backlog on the road. Usually, bands reach Spring Garden by 4:30 or 5, which is good,” he told the WEEKEND NATION. However, Worrell also believed there were some positives.
 “But it is not a major issue because more people would come out to see the jump, since Saturday is not a work day. We usually get sent off the highway quickly on Saturday morning because there are businesses there that will open.”
Co-bandleader of Rumatology, Rhea Williams saw the move as a way to increase police presence on the road, which she believed was necessary.

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