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UWI ‘danger’

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UWI ‘danger’

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THE CAVE HILL CAMPUS of the University of the West Indies (UWI) is facing a catastrophe, says principal Professor Sir Hilary Beckles.
Applications to the institution have fallen dramatically, drop-out rates from non-payment of fees is expected to rise this year, and for some unknown reason, interest from regional countries in attending Cave Hill has fallen by 20 per cent for the coming academic year.
The litany of woes was outlined by Sir Hilary during a televised interview on Sunday night, as the campus head took on a visible media presence in the ongoing UWI financing controversy following the introduction of tuition fees for Barbadian students.
Meanwhile, sources told the DAILY NATION yesterday that on top of current problems was the more pressing issue of Government’s $135 million in arrears to the UWI accumulated over the past five years, as well as another $60 million due for the current financial year.