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DEAR CHRISTINE: Mum isn’t fond of my older girlfriend

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Mum isn’t fond of my older girlfriend

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Dear Christine,
My girlfriend and I have been together for the past year. She is 24 years old and I am 20.
We do not have any problems with our ages, but my mother says she is robbing the cradle and should look for someone around her age or someone who is older than I am.
How can a four-year difference in ages ruin a relationship?
This woman is very nice, and since we both work for ourselves, we are not dependent on each other. We both still live at home and share plenty in common.
I love her and have even entertained thoughts of marriage.
She is hurt at the things my mother has said and has hinted that maybe  I should find someone else.
Christine, I do not know what to do.
–  L.P.
Dear L.P.,
I sometimes say that love comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and ages. As far as I am concerned, you have no problem at all.
The only thing you need to do is ignore your mother’s silly advice.
If there is mutual respect and the love between you and your girlfriend is strong enough to endure these tests you’re facing, neither your mother nor any other person should be able to place a wedge between you two.