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Springer time!

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Springer time!

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IF?THERE?is one thing that matches Springer Memorial’s successful preparation and execution at the BSSAC championship it is their celebration of victory.
And successful the girls, coaches and staff at the Government Hill institution should be, since they have been doing it for over 15 years and Monday was no exception.
With the euphoria and decibels that would have threatened the china of the Head of State next door, the Springer School celebrated another title in music and dance with teacher and Pic of the Crop calypso monarch Ian Webster joining in with some ad lib and quite appropriate lyrics.
With all of the conquering heroines on stage dressed in blue and yellow tops, the theme of Springer On Fire was highlighted in every song and dance. The athletes then enjoyed the less taxing task of running around the entire complex in celebration.
With the presence of former teachers, like Andrea Nicholls who was in charge for some of their past titles, and many former students, it was appropriate that the notice board in the hall carried the words: Springer Memorial, The Home of Winners.
On that board was a UNICEF Poster which bore the image of Shonte Seale, who is not only Springer’s and BSSAC high jump champion, but a national volleyball champion. She will leave for Antigua on Friday with the Barbados Under-16 netball team for the regional tournament.
That team will be coached by Springer’s head of the Physical Education department, Julie Phillips. (KB)