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Making merry mischief


Making merry mischief

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IT WAS ALL SO WRONG, but oh so right!
There was no time for demure laughter; Mischief Theatre Company made sure of it. Gut-bursting cackles and fits of giggles were heard throughout the hills during theatre night of the Virgin Atlantic Holders Season.
A comedy of errors, The Play That Goes Wrong, centred on a presentation of Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society’s The Murder At Haversham Manor. It was hilariously fraught with malapropos – from mistimed entrances, mispronounced words and misused stage props to ‘dead’ men walking and overzealous actresses standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. Usually, people look away from impending disaster, but every eye was glued to the stage – which all but crashed.
If hard-pressed to single out the highlight of the play, the climax might edge out some of the other scenes. The first “Florence” had recovered from a run-in with a door, but her replacement was not ready to give up the spotlight. The two battled it out, line for line until one of them eventually won, albeit a little unfairly.
After intermission it was time for Lights! Camera! Improvise! The large audience was given the opportunity to throw out ideas for a half-hour movie.
What ensued was Hold Your Horses, a mash-up of Rocky Horror Picture Show, romantic comedy, slight pornography, which featured a musical dance break.
Based on the crowd response, it might be safe to guess that Mischief Theatre Company will make a welcomed return to the season.
The Holders Season continued last night with 100 Years Of Jazz (in 99 minutes) and concludes with a gala night on Saturday.