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LOOKA LEW: Boy’s deadly threat

Eric Lewis

LOOKA LEW: Boy’s deadly threat

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“I would cut your throat and drink your blood.”
He held the razor-sharp knife inches from the boy’s jugular, sunlight danced from the silver blade, and the young man stood frozen with fear awaiting death to appear.
Again he repeated, softly, methodically, staring into the frightened pools of the trembling lad, “I would cut your throat and drink your blood.”
I bet that you saying, that that li’l scene sounds like something from a gangster movie or a passage from one of them suspense novels. But that ain’t where I get it from.
Listen to me, only last week ’bout here in this Barbados, a nine-year-old boy put a knife to the neck of another li’l boy and threatened to cut his throat and drink his blood. Wunna hear me? . . .
I does get real frighten when I hear these kinda things. Cause if at nine years old, a child would got them kinda thoughts, what gine happen when he get a teenager? Then I hear that nobody like them can’t seem to get the child control, he does cause nuff trouble at school, and often cuss the grandmother real stink.
Listen, I will say this, no child ain’t gine start cussing its grandmother at nine years old, that is something that did gine on for a while. And not only that, it was allowed to happen. You does have to bend a tree from the time it young, and some trees you does have to bend earlier than others.
Believe it or not, but them got parents with li’l three-year-old children talking ’bout them can’t get the child control. How the hell you gine look at me with a straight face and tell me that you can’t get your three-year-old child control? Where does your three-year-old work? How many bills does he or she pay when the month come? Do you know why you can’t get the child control? It is because you does let the child do as it like.
Now, I would see a mother in the supermarket with a li’l child. The child says it wants a snack, and when the mother tells it no, the child starts crying and getting on bad, the mother feels embarrassed and buys the snack.
There and then that child believes it is in control, so the first time it calls the mother a female dog and she ain’t do nothing bout it, you done know that sooner or later that child gine be cussing her poisonous, especially if it hears her cussing too.
As a li’l boy, if I asked my mother to buy me a snack and she said no, it was no. I might ask her why not, and she might say she can’t afford it, or she might just say, “I said no, don’t ask me why.”
But do you think I couldda start crying, rolling ’bout on the floor and getting on bad? My mother was the kinda person who wouldda ask a man in the supermarket to borrow his belt or walking stick and proceed to roast my backside with blows, and then when I get home it would be part two – more blows.
If you are a parent, and you can’t get your li’l three-year-old child control, then you are in the wrong business. You should be raising fowls, not children. You must bend the tree from young – it is as simple as that.
See ya.