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THE LOWDOWN: Bush remedy for Adriel

Richard Hoad

THE LOWDOWN: Bush remedy for Adriel

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The White Man has been the most successful species to inhabit this earth. We’re talking here about the empire-seeking colonials, today’s British, Europeans and Americans.
Superior strength? No way, he often tends towards the puny. Superior intelligence? Indeed not.
He has been deemed “intellectually backward”. So what’s his secret?
Mark Twain said it: ignorance and self-confidence are all you need to succeed in life. The ultimate unbeatable combination. Even today the White Man can convince the world his hairstyle, clothes, lifestyle, amusements, even skin colour are the best. Worst of all, he dictates our views on everything from homosexuality to hanging.
We were a miscellaneous mob at the Bush Bar last Saturday night to celebrate Ridley Greene’s birthday. Sweet music, great food.
Roy Byer opined that Bajan brains should fetch top price as they are so little used. Bobby P figured if we were importing CEOs for LIAT and the Tourist Board, why not foreign a prime minister as well?
But most of the talk was about our ineffectual response to the increase in violent crime. The police do their job. The legal and correctional system let us down badly. Miscreants are literally getting away with murder. One lady there has had her home broken into four times, the intruder not fazed in the slightest by her screams.
You see, Mr Attorney General, Bajans are simply not impressed by your plans to virtually eliminate the death penalty or your nonsense that “there is no evidence to suggest that” bringing back the cat will reduce crime or that hanging will be a deterrent to murder.
No, Mr Adriel Brathwaite, we fear you too have swallowed the White Man’s medicine. “AI” stands for Amnesty International. It also stands for Artificial Insemination. Beware of those fellows lest you get the wrong thing.
Fortunately, the AG has committed himself to dialogue with the Bajan people. So if we can get AB to see, surely he will give this country the justice system it had and now deserves. So let’s do it.
First off, no research can show that the death penalty is not a deterrent. Such research would require large random groups from different societies, executing murderers routinely in one set, jailing those in the others. It simply can’t be done.
What we can say with certainty is that today’s criminals are murdering up front with or without provocation. They see it as “no big thing”.
Conversely, in current justice systems where execution routinely follows any breach of their “laws”, few there be who step out of line. We are talking here of the Mafia or the drug trade. How many captured drug mules, for instance, disclose for whom they brought the drugs?
Mr Warren Alleyne has detailed data on hangings in Barbados. Murder was a rarity when hanging was imposed. And few, if any, of those who got the cat did anything to merit a repeat.
Sad to say, Mr AB, the White Man has boxed you into a corner. Your only answer to those tying up an elderly couple and beating them with cutlasses is the same imprisonment you give Ninja Man or a fellow on cock tax. A joke!
As are Amnesty’s solutions like reducing the number of guns. We don’t make guns in these parts. The big countries supply them.
On Sunday we had a nice lunch at Sandunes and sang Happy Birthday for the mother-in-law who would’ve been 90 on April 1. The sister-in-law wants to hang a big picture of her in our bedroom. How many married men out there who sleep naked could handle that? Thank you.
But again the talk turned to crime and Yolande Forde’s belief that it is a “behavioural problem”.
I think rather that youth are turning to crime because it pays. And they don’t see corrupt politicians going to jail.
Anyhow, here’s a Bush Bar remedy for Adriel: withdraw from the Inter-American Human Rights Commission; restore the original definition of murder; hang murderers with despatch as was done previously.
Effective measures can see Barbados returned to a peaceful, law-abiding state in short order. By the way, to see the White Man in action, check this story on Diego Garcia And cry. Many believe the passengers on Flight MH 370 are being held there.  
Richard Hoad is a farmer and social commentator. Email [email protected]