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MAVIS BECKLES: Plane disappear just like dat

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MAVIS BECKLES: Plane disappear just like dat

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That is the question dat has been on everybody’s lips fuh the past three or so weeks since a big-able jet plane carrying 239 people, mostly Chinese, disappeared just so off the face o’ the earth.
People have been coming up wid all kinds o’ stories ’bout the Malaysian jet plane dat left Kuala Lumpur in one piece and up tuh today not one soul cahn say wha happen tuh the flipping plane.
Where is the plane?
All kinds o’ people searching and searching, hoping and praying dat they would see some kind o’ debris, some piece o’ the plane, somebody dress or shirt, something dat ain’t look like it belong tuh the sea, anything washed up dat would give dem some kinda clue as tuh where they should look or where the plane could have landed or gone down. But still nothing.
Evahbody searching for Malaysian flight MH370. Duh trying desperately tuh find the black box recorder before, as they say, the battery dead.
Duh say dat ten ships and just as many aircraft searching the Indian Ocean, all ’bout out in there by Perth. I think dat is somewhere out by Australia side. Duh say dat all kinds o’ objects have been spotted but nothing tuh indicate dat duh come from the plane.
A United States Navy captain name Mark Mathews say dat first of all the lack of information about where the plane went down is seriously hampering the ability tuh find it. He say dat the search area is the size o’ the Indian Ocean and it gine take a long, long time tuh cover.
He compared this particular situation tuh the Air France flight 447 dat went down in the water near Brazil in 2009; he say duh had much better positional information and it still take more than two whole years tuh find.
The other day I was standing up in a long line waiting tuh pay a bill and duh start talking ’bout the plane pon CNN and how they thought duh find a piece o’ something floating in the water but it was false hope, nothing tuh do wid the plane.
I couldn’t hear evahthing the newscaster was saying but the fella next tuh me start telling me how he cahn understand how a big-able plane like dat could just disappear so. Something wrong.
He say dat he believe the plane gone underground, dat someplace open and the plane just get sucked into it like the Bermuda Triangle dat ya doan even hear much ’bout nowadays.
Another one o’ he theories is dat the plane was forced off the radar and the plane landed and drive in tuh a remote place where it can’t be seen by anybody, and terrorists got it holding. The man say dat it is a carefully thought out plan by terrorists and nuh matter how much duh search duh ain’t gine find it. Then he turn and say dat he nevah see nothing so yet.
Well it is a mystery tuh me too ’cause it ain’t a bicycle nor a motorcycle dat ya could just park under a shed or bury it or even cover it up wid a piece o’ tarpaulin. It ain’t a car or truck dat ya could drive it in tuh a garage, paint it ovah, put on new number plates and accessories and put it back pon the road or sell it tuh somebody.
Um ain’t even a boat; it is a massive plane and wid a good few hundred people pon it too. I ain’t know how ya could hide something like dat. Dah is like trying tuh hide a ship wid passengers on board.
All the fella keep saying is dat it is a mystery and he does get goose pimples just thinking ’bout it.
Well, it is a mystery in trute and only God knows where dat plane is, along wid all the rest o’ ships and planes like dat gone and can’t be found tuh this day.
Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.