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PUDDING & SOUSE: Things some do for love

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PUDDING & SOUSE: Things some do for love

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Things some do for love
WHILE a well known person is busy planning his upcoming wedding, persons appear to be working behind the scenes to stop it.
Word around is that either his ex or the ex of his bride-to-be may be planning to spin a web of deceit on the day of the nuptials.
From what P&S was able to gather, his ex, who by the way happens to be a man, is telling all of their friends that he cannot believe his ex-lover is getting married so soon and to a woman he met less than a year ago.
 He is so bitter and hurt over their break-up that he is telling everyone he will spill the beans about their relationship at the church before man and God.
It seems that he will stop at nothing to break up this new relationship because he keeps pestering the entertainer by calling him late at night and texting him repeatedly especially after he found out that he had moved in with the woman. 
Friends of the former couple are wondering if these are really the things people do for love and they want to know if this person decided to deal with a woman because he was thrown into the spotlight a year ago.
Some are saying that it would also be a good thing if a song is written about this messy threesome he is involved in so that he can retain his top spot.
A pick that shocks
The recent appointment of a certain woman ahead of more qualified and hard-working candidates has shocked many public servants. This is because she is known around the Public Service for being lazy.
People are trying to figure out if her appointment had anything to do with particular connections she may have. They are hoping that this married woman, whose husband left her after he discovered that she was having multiple affairs, will change her ways now that she is moving up the ladder.
They are really hoping that this salty woman will also stop leaving the office for hours at lunch time to park out at a popular beach with her married boyfriend.
Taking it out on employees
Employees who work at a Christ Church farm were left in a very embarrassing position this week when their boss got angry and locked away the microwave in his office all because the water in the area was turned off  by the Barbados Water Authority.
Apparently, all of the workers had to go hungry that day because they could not heat up their food at lunch time.
Upset workers say they are tired of the torturing abuse from this boss who treats them very disrespectfully especially when he is vex.
The workers are planning to call in the union and protest this behaviour because they want him to know hat slavery done a long time ago.
Big-up’s all game
People who attended a recent event were very embarrassed to see a high-profile person sitting at the head table playing games on his iPad.
Several people in the audience could be seen shifting uncomfortably in their chairs and nervously looking at each other as the person continued to play his game oblivious of what was taking place around him.
Performances from young schoolchildren went unnoticed by him and he did not even prick his ears when the sponsor, who has pumped thousands of dollars into the project, took to the microphone.
During cocktails a high-profile man was overheard jokingly asking a group of attendees if anyone of them could make an educated guess what game the person was playing.