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Venezuelans stage another protest

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Venezuelans stage another protest

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THIS MORNING, a group of around 20 Venezuelans living in Barbados took the opportunity to hold a peaceful protest against the Venezuelan government for human rights violations and more.
They held it on the beach outside Hilton Barbados, the resort where a meeting of the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) was being held.
“Today there will be a roundtable where [the IAPA] will discuss freedom of the Press in Venezuela as the Press is censored there and people don’t know what is really going on so now they will hopefully get to hear a little of our side. We are Venezuelans who believe in our country and hope to see it return to the way it was,” said co-organiser Mirna Hughes.
A press release detailed their cause as well as a letter they sent to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart. In it, they likened the Nicolàs Maduro government to a dictatorship, calling it fraudulent. It also accused the Venezuelan national police of torturing and murdering protestors and its government of harassing journalists.
“The Maduro Government has censored all media; shutdown independent news channels and harassed independent journalists. It is for this reason that the Venezuelan people urgently seek the help of the international media to act as communicators and let the world know of all the atrocities being carried out by the Venezuelan government against its own people,” the release stated. (CA)