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Media ‘lost way’

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Media ‘lost way’

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THE MEDIA in Barbados appears to be “sleeping on the job” regarding some issues of national interest.
Political scientist Dr Tennyson Joseph, made that claim yesterday at a meeting entitled The Role Of The Mass Media In The Campaign Of Psychological Warfare That Is Currently Being Waged Against The Government Of Venezuela held by the Friends of Venezuela Solidarity Committee at the Radisson Aquatica Resort.
“Our local media, the people who we train to push a national agenda and whose instincts it should be to understand what is in our national interest, appear to be sleeping on the job,” he said.
“What we see happening is uncritical reporting of what comes from all kinds of pernicious quarters when what we should be doing as a mature, democratic and well-educated population is for our journalists, not to close down but to sit and analyse and give critical commentary and separate nonsense from sense.”