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THE OPEN HAVERSACK: Inner strength

Rhonda Blackman

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Inner strength may be considered as the powerful engine that propels you forward, or catapults you towards success and achievements. It is the symbiotic relationship between your mind and soul. It is that key that unlocks prosperity and abundance and opportunities in our lives and connects you to who or what you consider to be your Higher Power.
There have been times that people have found themselves capsuled in a deep, dark place. A place where they felt like giving up and the only thing that got them through was that they were able to draw on their inner strength or willpower.
Quite recently I was asked where I get the inner strength to overcome the many challengers or obstacles that I encounter from day to day. The question sent a ripple of thoughts through my head as I reflected on my own personal experiences and those of the people whom I have encountered.
Through my reflection I deduced that when people are faced with surmountable challenges or go through tough experiences, they have to resolve that they will “pull” through it. In so doing they are able to draw on their inner strength to overcome a particular situation.
Conversely, when others struggle, they give up as they cannot find the inner strength to get through the circumstance and put their lives back on track. These people wallow in self-pity, falling into emotional and mental quicksand, finding themselves unable to get out. In fact, they go deep into the dark pit of depression and find difficulty crawling out of the torture chamber they have created for themselves.
Take note. Your inner strength and willpower act as a “pick you up” when you are down. They give you the discipline and perseverance – vital skills necessary for attaining your goals. Embrace your inner strength, activate your willpower and you will overcome whatever the obstacles or circumstances.
Your situation should never define who you are. Affirm yourself that you will get through the circumstance and, using my mum’s famous quote, say “this too shall pass”.
Understand that boosting your inner strength can enhance your life for the better, for it does not matter where you came from, your social status, education attainment, height or age. What matters most is that everyone has this “inner strength” waiting to be harnessed but it is up to them if they allow it to be cultivated or not.
Teach children to tap into their inner strength from an early age. For it allows them to stand up for what they believe in and it gives them confidence in voicing their opinion, whether others agree with them or not. Teach them to draw on their inner strength when making decisions and with perseverance, follow through with them until they get accomplishment. These skills will enable them to overcome many obstacles in their adult lives.
Remember that inner strength is an expression of willpower, the powerful engine that can move you toward success and achievement.
• Rhonda Blackman is an educator, a reviewer with the British Research Journal and a member of the American Education Research Association.