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DEAR CHRISTINE: Touched by Rihanna’s story

marciadottin, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Touched by  Rihanna’s story

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Dear Christine,
I WAS TOUCHED beyond measure on Sunday when I went on and read the article titled Rihanna’s Night Out With Dad.
I want to commend the NATION, its editors and all those involved in placing that story in the news.
It touched my heart so much to see Rihanna holding her dad’s hand and seeing them having a night out that I blessed God for her and her dad. It showed me that despite the challenges any child may have with his or her parents, there is room for forgiveness. It showed me the love these two have for each other despite the past hurts and challenges they both have had to endure.
I am one of those individuals who have been praying for Rihanna, and while the photo did not bring tears to my eyes, each time I looked at it during the course of the day, I thought about how much God loves us and that there is a forgiving side to each of us, if only we would allow that side to manifest itself.
I hope that photo and story would encourage all of us who are having issues with our parents or any other family member to remember that it’s not too difficult to forget the hurts of the past and move on.
Rihanna, you and your dad made my day. You have no idea how much you did. We all have to love and forgive. It’s the only way we can go forward in this life.
To the staff at the Nation newspaper, you too made my day. Thanks so much.
Rihanna, my heart and love go out to you, and to THE NATION for bringing readers such positive news. In these days of turmoil, pain, suffering and financial instability, it’s so refreshing to read something so positive.
Thanks also Christine, for printing my letter.
Love you all!
– C.O.C
Dear C.O.C.,
Thanks so much for taking time to write and express such fine sentiments. If a picture says a thousand words, that photograph definitely did. It was not so much that the two spent a night out on the town, but that they were photographed holding hands.
Like you, my heart was also truly touched. Again thanks for taking time to write. I also join with you in commending the team in the NATION’s Editorial Department for reproducing and printing that story and photograph. It was more than positive journalism; it sent a message to all and sundry that we can forgive, love and move on whether we’re family or simply friends.
This article and photograph also made my day.
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To Rihanna from Carl Husbands:
Both of you are looking great. Always remember that despite the highs and lows in life that we may go through, all that really matters in the end is that we have each other.
To Rihanna from Orson  Arthur:
Go girl! Nice seeing you with dad. That is what I call love.
I wish you all the best.