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More urgency needed

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

More urgency needed

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MINISTER OF INDUSTRY Donville Inniss has called for a “greater sense of urgency” regarding the use of renewable energy in Barbados.
Speaking earlier this week during the official launch of Superior Solar Power Solutions at Lodge Hill, St Michael, he suggested that every house on the island should be equipped with solar water heating systems.
“We must go forth with a greater sense of urgency on the implementation of alternative or renewable energy supply at homes and businesses in this island,” he said.
Inniss noted that this would not only provide jobs, but allow for the export of both products and technology.
He however conceded that there were still some challenges in the rollout of incentives for the renewable energy sector.
“I’ve heard of the issues involving the customs and excise department, which is now part of the Barbados Revenue Authority, especially in relation to classification of items and attendant duties to be or not to be paid. And quite frankly, where the state has enunciated a policy I expect that good public officers will act accordingly,” he said.
He said importers should be able to expect the consistent application of rules at the Bridgetown Port regardless of which officers were working.
He told the principals of Superior Solar that Government would seek to remove all hurdles so they can operate in a “free and competitive manner”. (NB)