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He’s enjoying life without me

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He’s enjoying life without me

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Dear Christine,
I’ve got a problem and I need your help to solve it.
A year ago I met a man who said he loved me. After letting this guy live at my home, he now shows that he is not really interested in me. He never takes me out but is always out feting with other girls. After enjoying himself he then comes back to me to eat and sleep.
Christine, I love this guy but it is hurting me very much because wherever I turn, I can hear someone saying something about him and the number of women he goes around with and the mess he is making of me.
I do not understand why he cannot treat me the way he treats the other women. They all think I am a fool to let him hurt me the way he does.
This man has been brazen enough to take them to my apartment.
Can you tell me what to do?
– L.S.
Dear L.S.,
Do you also think you are to let him hurt you the way he does? I’m asking you this because you need to be honest with yourself.
It appears to me he sees you as an individual whom he can walk all over and that’s why he’s doing just that.
So, what do you do? Continue to be his fool, or send him packing? Open your eyes to the fact that he really does not care about you. Perhaps he does not care about anybody but himself.
Next time he comes to eat and sleep at your place, be sure to close the door. Shut him out of your house and then it will be much easier to shut him out of your heart.

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