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DEAR CHRISTINE: Staying pure wise not weird

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Staying pure wise not weird

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Dear Christine,
I’m writing in response to the letter written by the young lady Annie that was published in the Thursday, April 10 edition of the Daily NATION. I would like to offer Annie some encouragement.
To Annie:
When I saw your letter I was pleased to see that you’re trying to keep your Christian standards in the midst of the pressure your friends have been placing on you.
However, what concerns me is that you seem unsure and may possibly give in to your friends’ suggestions about how to live your life.
So as a Christian young lady myself, I felt it upon my heart to write this letter and offer you some encouragement to stick to your values.
First of all, if your friends really know you and what you stand for, they shouldn’t be encouraging you to disregard your values, just to do the things they think are fun. That’s not right. But I must say they are correct on one thing though – you are missing out on life (a meaningless and self-destructive one).
For one, you’re missing out on the vulgar and degrading behaviours commonly associated with nightclubs/fetes. No Christian has any need to be in such unwholesome atmospheres.
Secondly, you’re missing out on possibly becoming a drug addict or alcoholic which can ruin your life and cause you to lose control of who you are. Thirdly, you’re missing out on the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), unwanted pregnancy, a broken heart and soul ties by not having sex. Trust me, you will be saving yourself from a lot of trouble by not giving in to their ideas of fun.
I am 27 years old and I myself have never partied or taken drugs. I don’t drink alcohol and . . . guess what, I have never had sex either. I am waiting for marriage and I’m not the only one out there like this. Contrary to popular beliefs, there are quite a few other young people who have chosen to live a wholesome life instead of the loose and meaningless kind that society seems to promote.
Even my boyfriend, who is a few years older than I am, has never engaged in such activities either and we are both happy with our decisions to stay pure and keep our lives free from immoral activities.
Just because you don’t engage in such activities does not mean you’re weird. It means you’re wise, self-respecting and responsible. It means you have a greater purpose in life than to waste it doing things that won’t benefit you.
I have read and heard enough about people who have these so-called enjoyable lifestyles, to know that partying, drugs, alcohol and casual sex will add nothing to your life but misery, heartache and tons of regrets.
They may seem to add fun and pleasure for the time being but they only subtract your values, decency, peace of mind and joy in the long run.
I understand that it’s not easy feeling like the odd one out among your friends but if your so-called friends don’t respect your faith and values, maybe you need to get some new ones.
   You need to surround yourself with positive young people who share your beliefs and will support your desires to be godly in such an ungodly world.
  You really don’t need to have friends who are trying to drag you into activities that would cause you to compromise your values.
   So please, don’t give in. I encourage you to stay true to yourself and God. I’m telling you, you will not regret it one bit!   
–  Jan A.
Dear Jan A:
I highly commend you for taking time out to respond to Annie and for sharing such a positive and wholesome testimony of your life.
It is heart-warming to know there are people – especially young people like yourself – who hold fast to your spiritual beliefs, virtues and morals.
Sometimes in life many individuals break under pressures and so they compromise on their standards when they should really be asking God to give them the strength to live above the line.
I am absolutely sure your letter will give encouragement to those who face similar pressures like Annie and help them realise they are not alone.