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Public Service Act ‘not best’

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

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A?former?senior public officer has given a thumbs down to some who now hold top positions in Barbados’ Public Service.
He is also saying that public servants owe it to their political leaders to give them the best advice and not just what they think they want to hear.
Dr George L. Reid, former Director of Finance and Planning, Ministry of Finance, speaking “very broadly”, also made reference to the controversy surrounded the termination of some Government workers around Christmas and described it as “failure of the administrative process”.
“The permanent secretary is the accounting officer for the ministry. The permanent secretary has to exercise judgement of whether resources at any time are adequate to cover the demands on them. No permament secretary has the right . . . to continue to allow people to be employed when he knows that funds will run out and will not be paid unless some supplementary provision or some godfather offers up money to pay those people,” said Reid, who was speaking at the lunchtime lecture of the Democratic Labour Party last Friday. (JS)