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PUDDING & SOUSE: Relatives going after caretaker

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Relatives going after caretaker

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Since the recent death of a man, his relatives have been walking around telling everyone that the family member who cared for him during the ten years he was sick was only after his money.
People who know better are shocked at the lies that these relatives are telling on this woman, who was the only one who cared for this man when he was ill.
It appears that one female relative, in particular, who was never around, has suddenly turned up out of nowhere and has appointed herself as his biggest supporter in death.
She has been at the forefront of castigating the woman by telling everyone that she is only after the money and property the dead man left behind.
People want her to stop running her big mouth and they say that even if his caretaker was only after his money she deserves every cent because she worked hard looking after the sick man for all of those years.
Pastor at it again
A certain man of the cloth is up to his old tricks again.
He has been charging people hundreds of dollars to cast out their demons.
One woman, who went to him because she believed her neighbour was a demonic force, said she paid him $700 after he promised that he could get the neighbour to pack up and leave her house.
However, instead of the neighbour moving out, she tormented the poor woman even more and after six months the woman went back to the pastor demanding a refund of some of her money.
The pastor, who has been keeping a very low profile since he was castigated a few years ago when he fell from grace, chased her out of his office, telling her that she too had a demon in her and that was why his prayers were not working.
In love with cousins
A St Michael man has a real dilemma – he is in love with two cousins.
From what Pudding & Souse was told, this married man’s main problem is due to the fact that he is still very much in love with his wife and does not plan to leave her for anything, but is addicted to a young woman he met recently who satisfies his every sexual desire.
Now he wants to hold onto both without either finding out about the other, but can’t see how he can without endangering his health and pocket.
From what we heard, this man met the young woman while working and they clicked instantly. She has everything he was looking for in a woman for a long time – young, intelligent, with long legs and is super sexy. So, after a few phone calls and dates, they became a number.
It was after they became intimate that he found out to his horror that his wife and girlfriend are related. It came to light when he was looking through an old photo album of her as a child that he came across a relative of his wife he immediately recognised. He asked why the person’s picture was in and was told the person was her first cousin – her mother’s sister child.
He never told his lover anything but her first cousin is also his wife’s first cousin but from her father’s side.
The man is now trying to figure out how he is going to cope with having cousins as lovers without anyone finding out.