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HEALING HERBS: Cleansing power important

Annette Maynard-Watson

HEALING HERBS: Cleansing power important

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The Passover is a biblical story which is celebrated during this time. Its purpose taught us many lessons. The ones I have learnt are the importance of being obedient, and of researching bitter herbs.
However, I continue to hear stories about some professionals who desperately continue to discourage people from using herbs. It is very unfortunate to attempt to discredit herbs whose use is considered as a “lasting ordinance”. These people must be asked to provide statistics to illustrate the number of people who were harmed from ingesting herbal preparations.
They need to remember the Creator’s covenants with us. In fact, the planet is covered with medicinal plants and we were given divine authority to use them. It is sad that many people find it so difficult to accept the use of these plants.
They must find a way to re-educate themselves about medicinal plants and accept their culture to conquer that feeling of “something is missing from my life”.
However, let us focus on bitter herbs. These are classified as those medicinal plants with a bitter taste. Many individuals use them for cleansing. My research revealed that many Barbadians use cerasee, neem, seed-under-the-leaf, aloe vera, ball bush and gully root for cleansing their internal body systems. Cleansing is very important and I employ it as I see it necessary.
Practising herbalists continually advise about herbal cleansing to rid the body of harmful parasites and microbes which they say are at the root of many health challenges.
They always advise that it is better to heal the root of the problem and not mask it. An excellent cleansing tea for me is combining lemon grass, soursop and cure-for-all leaves. I steep the leaves in hot water and use that for nine days.
Additionally, blending aloe vera with coconut and ripe golden apples is a dream. During the cleansing period soups and broths are good to consume. Water, exercising and positive affirmations are important during cleansing.
Finally, the biblical Passover assisted with freedom. Avoid “passing over” the truth to be brainwashed by detesters of herbs. Herbs are revered by the Most High – just read Revelation 22:2.   
• Annette Maynard-Watson is a teacher and herbal educator.
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