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Off limits

Roy R. Morris

Off limits

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Illegal activities, including gambling, apparently led by non-students, have forced authorities at the Cave Hill Campus into a virtual lockdown of buildings when they are not being used for teaching.
Additionally, the Cave Hill administration, faced with an increase in unsociable practices, including vandalism by some students, has had to take precautionary measures to protect the plant as well as to ensure it is fit for use when required for teaching.
All this has come to light following a DAILY NATION probe into several complaints from students that their ability to study for their classes was being hampered by the heavy-handed actions of security personnel.
However, president of the Guild of Students of the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Damani Parris, said yesterday that while his organisation did not agree with the action of campus security, they understood what was behind it.