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Values count, says cleric

Mike King

Values count, says cleric

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A?Church minister thinks that the crippling sugar strike that lasted for just over a week, could have been handled differently if some elements had chosen to look at the big picture.
Speaking after the end of yesterday’s Easter Sunday service, Reverend Ezra Parris of Sharon Moravian Church in St Thomas, said that some parties were guilty of grandstanding “without any conscience or care for the collective whole”.
“Granted that there has to be a case for fair remuneration for labour and even as you try to pursue justice, you must have a wider picture in view and see how other lives have been impacted,” he said.
Parris told the DAILY?NATION there didn’t seem to be any major breakthrough made after eight days of protest action and the sugar industry was now faced with tough targets.
“I wonder now about the targets we were looking at before the start of the season. There are a lot of canes in the ground. The union leaders have been fighting on behalf of the workers but what has been the impact?” he asked.