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DEAR CHRISTINE: Jealousy made me break up marriage

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Jealousy made me break up marriage

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Dear Christine, I really hurt a friend and have broken up a good marriage.
First things first – I knew this man years ago and I tried to get him to notice me which he did, but not in sexual way. This made me very angry.
No man has ever refused me, but this one did. Years later, I saw him and he told me he got married to a wonderful woman.
Mind you, I did not see her, but boy was I hurt.
A year later this woman came to work in the complex where I work. She’s a nice and very friendly individual.
If you every asked her to do something for you she would find time to do it. If she had her last, she would give it to anybody. She and I became very close friends. She never had a bad word to say to anyone.
Lo and behold, I found out she is the wife of the man who refused me years ago.
I told her I knew her husband from years ago.
Christine, everything that came out of her mouth was about her husband. This made me mad. He gave her a car and every year she took a trip abroad. Mind you, she always brought me lots of stuff.
If you saw her wedding rings . . . boy, were they a sight to see!
Now my plan was in motion. I decided to break up this marriage. Some things that I did with other men I put on her. I got someone to call her husband and tell him how she slept with two of the men I slept with. Don’t get me wrong, she didn’t sleep with these men; I did. I told many lies on this woman, and the husband believed every word.
I felt good about it. Why I did these?
It was because I am jealous of her. She had a car to drive around, while I had to take the bus.
Confession time now. I overheard her crying and telling her workmate that she did not feel like living anymore and that she was going to take her life. That hurt me, Christine. I never intended for it to go that far. I only wanted her to leave her
husband. But you know what? I’m glad she did; she’s too good for him.
Men, don’t believe everything someone says about your wife or girlfriend. It could be an old girlfriend trying to get back at you for refusing her. So to Mr Husband, let me say: I played you and you believed every word I told you. Now you are all alone. That’s just how I was when you refused me.
To the wife: I am so sorry for all the hurt you have gone through. I hope in time you will heal from all the abuse your husband caused you and the threats he made.
Dear Rejected Woman,
The venom from your mouth and wickedness in your heart have broken up a happy marriage. And although you speak about being sorry, you are not. Rather, you appear to feel very proud about what you’ve accomplished. In fact, you have the gall to write about it so openly.
I refuse to say what I really feel about you and how wicked you are. I can only hope that what goes around comes around and that when your turn comes [if any man would be unfortunate enough to have you as a partner], you’ll be able to bear the pain and humiliation such as you caused this man and his wife.
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I wonder how you sleep at night. You must be one unhappy woman!