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St Joseph folk cry out for water

Sherie Holder-Olutayo

St Joseph folk cry out for water

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It was not an ideal Easter Sunday for people in Airy Hill and Lammings, St Joseph, who spent another day without water.
For Adrian Grosvenor and his family, days without water has been a regular occurrence for the past three weeks.
“I have to go into St Thomas for water every day,” a frustrated Grosvenor said. “Some days the water comes on for less than half an hour.”
What makes the situation more frustrating for him and other residents in the Lammings, Airy Hill, and Braggs Hill communities is that no information on the reasons behind the water shortage seems to be forthcoming from the Barbados Water Authority (BWA).
 “Some days you don’t even see the water trucks so that you can get water,” Grosvenor added. “You know it’s only me and my wife in the house, so I only have to get water for two people, but it’s still hard.”