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Electric bicycle mason’s way to go

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Electric bicycle mason’s way to go

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Charles Griffith has traded in his car for a more low-maintenance form of transportation – an electric bicycle.
And for several weeks he has been travelling about the island on the $4 200 electric volt bicycle without having to pedal one foot. Griffith is among a few Barbadians who are swinging keys to start their bicycles for a much more convenient way of getting through traffic.
The travelling mason, of Black Rock, St Michael, recently returned from England where he purchased the battery-powered bicycle and after charging it for two hours, can virtually ride around the island for the entire day. A battery lasts two days.
“I had a car but I sold it because I had to pay for gas, insurance and maintain it while building . . . . With this, all I have to do is make sure that I lubricate the parts so as not to put strain on the motor,” Griffith said. (AC)