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‘Many throw support’  behind H&B manager

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‘Many throw support’  behind H&B manager

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Customers and the public in general continue to throw their support behind store manager of Ace H&B Hardware, Brian Hinds, says Ralph “Bizzy” Williams, chairman of Williams Inc which owns the company.
Hinds was at the centre of controversy earlier this month after customer Mark Dates accused him of ill-treating and insulting him when he (Dates) sought help in choosing a drill bit, screws and bolts.
Williams said yesterday that since the incident occurred and the article appeared in the newspaper, sales had increased and his telephone never stopped ringing, with people complimenting Hinds on his excellent service for the last 30 years.
The entrepreneur added that individuals who knew Hinds and had interacted with him, had advised against even considering Hinds’ dismissal.
“He is first class when you go in here . . . . He has given them excellent service over the years.”
However, Williams confirmed that someone had been named to replace Hinds and was undergoing training, but it would take some time until the individual was ready to take over.
Asked to comment on placard-bearing customer Steven Pollard picketing outside Williams Industries’ Cane Garden, St Thomas head office yesterday, calling for Hinds to be fired, Williams made it clear they did not “just fire people”.
If something went wrong in one of the companies, he explained, efforts were made to make it right rather than “to just race away people”.
But Pollard said he had known Hinds for over 40 years and encountered him at car racing events as well as at the hardware store and was no fan of him.
He took issue with Williams’ statement that Hinds was the best in the hardware business, which made it a difficult move to fire him.
Pollard said he was angry after visiting the hardware store last Saturday to see Hinds was still employed.