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Raunchy beach party


Raunchy beach party

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IT WAS 10:25 p.m.
For the half-hour Aidonia had been on stage, police had paused his performance due to explicit language use, and slight showers caused some patrons to make an early exit. It was at this moment Aidonia decided it was the right time for a last-ditch effort to salvage his loosening grip on the crowd.
Bounding from the stage with the help of his entourage, he joined Digicel Reggae Beach Party-goers in the general section. His set went into another gear, sending girls into further break-back mode on an Empty Gun and last year’s hit Ride.
But was it enough?
Granted, the headliner’s set did have its high points – Brucki, Pon Di Jockey, Tip Pon Yuh Toe and Boomflick are sure to get any party started. But it didn’t help that Aidonia’s hour on stage on Monday, April 21, 2014 was pretty much the same as the one on Sunday, April 21, 2013.
The Jackhammer singer’s performance was representative of Easter Bank Holiday’s near seven-hour show: too much simulated sex, an overload of filler and little substance.
Except a few local standouts, the party started in earnest when Lady Saw came to the stage at 8 p.m. The unrivalled queen of the dancehall schooled the ladies in an array of sexually-charged topics, ranging from self-love, seduction, a how-to on kegel exercises, handling infidelity and tips on being a “matey”.
Lady Saw took a 45-minute journey through her hits such as Sycamore Tree, Back Shot, Man Is The Least and Chat To Mi Back, moving to mega hit Heels On and newer singles like Pretty Fingers.
Lady Saw was preceded by up-and-coming reggae singer Raine Seville, who received a mild response from the audience, which had sizeably dwindled as compared to previous years.
I-Octane gave a good showing of himself as well, but the memories of his performance at Hennessy Artistry four months ago were still fresh.
Wine And Jiggle was a big favourite on Monday evening and as to be expected, he invited girls to do just that on the stage. What followed was dancehall at its . . . most interesting. I-Octane also sang tracks off the released My Journey album.
Immortal sound system Stone Love and artistes Gucchi and Madd Dawg also formed part of the Jamaican dancehall crew.
The Bajan contingent was out in full force earlier that afternoon, trying its best to build the vibes. Among them were Hannibal Smith, Celebrity Face, Omar, Dirty Versee, Mr Levi and Stiffy, Most Wanted with Porgie & Murda, Brutal and lone Bajan female Lady Essence.