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10% bite

Ricky Jordan

10% bite

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Government ministers and other politically appointed officials have started taking a cut in their salaries as part of the country’s current economic stabilisation measures.
This was confirmed yesterday by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, who said the reduction had started over a month ago following agreement at the level of Cabinet.
“The last time I saw my own payslip, I think I saw a reduction that lowers my standard of living. That is in place as far as I’m aware.
“We couldn’t conscientiously be asking other people to make sacrifices while we continued to behave as though there was no crisis or challenge in the country,” he told journalists at the reopening and renaming of Farrs Children’s Home in St Peter.
“I think the Government had to lead by example in all of this,” he added, noting a slight delay in terms of letters of consent having to be signed by the ministers’ personal staff.