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Cadogan up to the challenge

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

Cadogan up to the challenge

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ONE MILLION STEPS. Forty-one days. Fifteen pounds lost.
These are achievements that Rodney Cadogan proudly celebrated this morning.
He was the first person to reach the feat in the National Initiative for Service Excellence (NISE) movement challenge. For his efforts, Cadogan, an inventory assistant at Harris Paints, received a brand new pair of walking shoes, compliments Total Sport of Duty Free Caribbean.
At the presentation at Total Sport, located on the second floor of Cave Shepherd, Broad Street, Cadogan said he reached the one million steps by “walking nearly every part of Barbados,” and walking to work and back for 41 days.
“I live in Bank Hall and on . . . evenings I would walk the long way home [going through] Warrens, passing the University [of the West Indies] and come home.”
While the 33-year-old said he planned to slow down a bit, he hoped to reach two million steps by the end of the 100-day challenge.
Chief executive officer of NISE said 600 individuals and 47 companies were registered in the challenge. (LW)