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‘Music bigger’  than Kartel

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‘Music  bigger’  than Kartel

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While the incarceration of deejay Vybz Kartel is a big blow to dancehall, the music must go on. This view was expressed by Aidonia and I-Octane, two prominent Jamaican artistes in the genre.
Earlier this month, Kartel (real name Adidja Palmer) was sentenced to life in prison after he and three of his co-accused were found guilty of the death of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.
Aidonia spoke during an interview following his headlining performance at Digicel Reggae Beach Party, held on Monday at Brandon’s Beach.
Acknowledging the potency of Kartel’s talent and impact on dancehall, he added the fans and family were still reeling from the sentence, as was the family of the deceased.
“We don’t know nuff tings that happen but at the end of the day, mi feel ah way cause it is a yute like us and him have a family . . . and I wouldn’t wish prison on anybody. It hurt both sides because the family of the victim feel ah way but the people haffi keep him strong and prayer [for him] and keep him name uplifted.”
However, Aidonia believed now was the time for the music to heal before it could progress.
“It nah go suffer, but [has been] hurt . . ., because he is a great artiste and he has been at the forefront for the last couple of years, putting out music for the ladies and for the street. It ah go grow, because music will live. We have to show the people that music will live. We just have to take . . . time and heal the music.”
“[There is] a whole heap of negative and we have to show [something] positive cause too much people ah get lock up in jail and too many people are killed by the gun,” he said.
I-Octane believes there are both established and up-and-coming artistes who can push the genre forward.
“[Kartel] is one of the most talented artistes and he build the culture through the channel of dancehall, but one person is not a genre,” I-Octane asserted during a separate interview. “You could never say Bob Marley is the genre of reggae; he was the most established, but the genre cannot be pinpointed to one person . . . Kartel has done well but there will be bigger talent that will surpass it . . .” (LW)