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Cavalcade fall-out

Trevor Yearwood

Cavalcade fall-out

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Former coordinator of the Crop Over Cavalcades, Peter Boyce, has lambasted Government for a “helter-skelter approach” and “last-minute decisions” on the called-off concerts.
He is not alone, as entertainers Edwin Yearwood and Ian Webster, the 2013 Calypso Monarch, have also voiced their disappointment about Government’s decision to stop funding the Cavalcades because of the economic downturn.
Boyce, an entertainer and businessman who coordinated the Cavalcades in 2008 working with the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), said Government should have given early notice of the intentions.
He, however, said the good thing was that Government’s retreat from the Cavalcades offered entertainers, entertainment businesses and other private sector entities the opportunity to step in and take over.
Boyce charged that Government had adopted a “helter-skelter approach” to the matter with its “last-minute announcements” that even raised questions about the future of a number of Crop Over events.