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PUDDING & SOUSE: Blows over boyfriend

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Blows over boyfriend

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Believe it or not, two young women came to blows recently not far away from a police station.
The event attracted a large number of gossipers, who delighted in spreading the word about the two fat girls, who fought over a bad boy, who has never paid income tax in his life.
It is all about jealousy and one woman being angry that the man bought the other woman a car. The main woman was so angry when she got the news she dragged the outside woman out of the car and both of them fought like tigers for several minutes before two police officers parted the brawl.
One elderly man said he was disgusted to see two young women fight over a man who has earned his money through the underworld.
He said the women had no pride and did not care where the money came from, especially when they were getting big rides. Shame on them.
Three in the way
It?seems that some women just have nothing to do with their spare time. Dozens of people are complaining about the three women who want to be seen every week at a certain karaoke competition.
These three women are placing themselves in a position where everyone can see them just to get a little publicity. The hurtful thing is that none of them is singing and they are preventing others from getting up close to see the popular Thursday contest.
For these women, it is about hogging the spotlight, wearing plenty of make-up and new gear every week.
They need to know that many people have grown tired of them.
Taking from the needy
People are talking about the Government worker who was seen in the line for homeless people waiting for food.
The poor and the needy are hurt that they are in the queue waiting for food alongside a man who has a salary and has been employed for more than 20 years.
One woman said it was not fair and that she would try to make it known to the man’s employers.
The bold-faced man has been going close to a certain fountain every week since last year and receiving food and drink.
It is proof that some people have no conscience.
Happy in gay company
Who?is the fat man who was caught in Queen’s Park recently with a group of gay men.
The man, who likes to gamble, took off and ran like a hare when he was spotted.
People say they are disappointed with the man’s behaviour, though many of them admitted he always seems to have money problems.
Why the hype?
Some?people are asking why a certain personality is getting hyped many times a week for a programme that, on hindsight, is just not cutting it.
Many have grown tired of seeing the overbearing host struggling to put together some intelligent questions.
Someone should tell the powers that be, the programme is solid but not outstanding and should not be aired as frequently as it is now. Enough is enough. The time has come to limit its air time and introduce other items that are more interesting and entertaining.
Let customers be!
The owner of a certain business in a red light district has been asked to stop scoping customers. People are saying he would be better advised to keep his rooms clean.
The big belly man would do well to realise that what happened to a close relative could happen to him.
For too long, customers have complained about his dirty bed sheets, high priced drinks, and his peeping at customers.
One frequent visitor said it was time the owner stopped knocking at bedroom doors, much to the disgust of customers.