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HEALING HERBS: Holy basil good for relieving stress

Annette Maynard-Watson

HEALING HERBS: Holy basil good  for relieving stress

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Dr Hijnes Lansveld, a certified and award-winning herbalist from Suriname, delivered a truly informative presentation on Nature Is The Cure on Friday night at the Messengers For Christ Ministry.
I felt honoured that the Creator allowed his guidance to be part of my journey here on this planet.
I not only received more positive information about silent doctors, but he also sealed the deal about their medicinal content and healing powers. We in the Caribbean through CARICOM must provide more people of his quality to educate and empower us.  
After the formal session was completed, I was approached by another giant who commands respect in the military.
He was none other than Colour Sergeant Bovell, who was one of my training officers when I battled in camouflage and greens to be a cadet officer. He asked me to identify a silent doctor he had found in his garden. I felt honoured because from our discussion I recognised that he is conducting deep research about silent doctors.
Holy basil, tulsi, biblical basil, red basil, sacred basil or monk’s basil is the name of the plant I was asked to identify.
In Barbados we call it tanzibalm.
“Tulsi” means “incomparable one” when translated. Caribbean people who grow this silent doctor will tell you that it releases a very sweet, minty aroma. Each morning I pick some of the seeds and inhale their healing aroma. They have been in my garden for many years.
Most people who use this silent doctor can attest to it as a stress reliever and as an aid to diabetics and asthmatics. I have also proven its effectiveness in bush baths for healing ring worms. However, research indicated that it is used in some cultures to heal headaches, earaches, stomach upset, heart disease, fever and viral hepatitis.  
In the area of stress relief, several studies were conducted to examine the anti-stress effects of holy basil. You can do your own research on holy basil oil and cancer.
I also enjoy holy basil in teas, stir-fries, soups and sandwiches. It has a very peppery taste. It is also used in some cultures for swine fever, mercury poisoning, to promote longevity and as a mosquito repellant.
Finally, as I listened to Dr Lansveld, I recognised that the Surinamese are producing their own medicinal remedies. Suddenly, I prayed for us in Barbados to do the same and produce our own plant medicines.
 Annette Maynard-Watson, a teacher and herbal educator, may be contacted via [email protected] or by telephone 250-6450.
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