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Right on, Sista Kaye

John Sealy

Right on, Sista Kaye

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SISTA KAYE ZEBULON stopped the band. She preferred to do her song a cappella style. She did the right thing.
The band members just could not hit the right chord in her original number New Moon.
The band eventually fell in line but Sista Kaye had already captured the hearts of her fans with her intensity and earthy vocals.
Her message was positive. It resonated with the audience and fans at the Bajan Night of the Digicel Reggae Festival on Saturday. Bringing her 11-year-old son R’oul to do a song with her was also a nice touch.
Ch’ann was also cutting it above the rest with her guitarist accompaniment.
She marries a sensuous performance style with pleasing neo-soul-sounding vocals as she rides on the strong reggae rhythms of her guitarist.
She was in total control of her fans as she did a remake of Too Experienced and Crazy On Love and an original, I Wish.
One could highlight the strengths of the artists. But there were too many with too many negatives. Too few of the acts had that “wow” effect on the neutral observer.
Peter Ram was exceptionally charismatic with his halting and unique vocals. He was also the beneficiary of a back-up band of accomplished musicians.
Ram, during his performance, appealed for support for the local reggae musicians.  
That call is quite in order but the artists must give something that commands that support.
It was obvious that over-enthusiasm got in the way of vocal quality and lyrical clarity. Too many tried for maximum impact during what has now become their 15 minutes of fame annually during the Bajan Night of the Reggae Festival.  
The excessively high decibel levels and clashing instruments competing for limited “air space” also shattered the environment – and the acoustics of the Reggae Lounge, St Lawrence, Christ Church, where the show was held, did not help.
However, FAS Entertainment, producers of the Digicel Reggae Festival, must be congratulated for giving the reggae artists an opportunity to have their say.